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The following analysis is based on metaphysics and para-scientific studies. Don’t believe or disbelieve anything, only take your own conclusions.

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The Enigmatic Lust For Life Trailer

Entitled Lust For Life, the trailer of the homonymous Lana Del Rey’s new album arouses curiosity to the occultism, presenting a brand new symbology to her fans. Would it be only coincidence, marketing or something that needs a deeper analysis?

Black and White, suspense music. The trailer starts in such a thriller atmosphere, but suddenly we see a red strawberry breaking the monochromatic. What is that mean? Strawberry is the symbol of Love. Its heart shape and red color transmits passion, what is right up to this Lana’s new era.

Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life album trailer 029

Talking about New Era, it seems to be a very interesting subject to the singer. New Era (or New Age) is the name we call a movement that begun at the 70s and which encompasses metaphysical teachings, spiritual experiences and occult sciences and it aims to rise human kind to a new consciousness for a new world to be created. It’s some kind of spiritual rebirth, and then we come back to the strawberry, which is a symbol of rebirth. The New Age is also called The Age of Aquarius in astrology.

We know that Lana studied Metaphysics and that she is very interested about astronomy and futuristic subjects. She, by the way, has ever mentioned she’s very interested in our intergalactics possibilities. The news is: this time she really seems to be decided to go deeper into this, releasing a trailer where she seems to be doing astral magic, totally different that everything she’s ever done, what lead us to wait for an album this based.

“Well, it depends on what branch of metaphysical you’re studying in and sort of… I mean, the term “metaphysics it’s been… the meaning of it, it means something different now, obviously, what Aristotle meant when he wrote his first books on metaphysics and invented that term. I mean, now kinda it’s just more like the new age, a new age to way of life, good, actually I’m also interested on those new age books, which more have to do with visualizing the future you’d like to manifesting to reality and that kinda have more mataphysics, you would call that a metaphysical book. Originally it was philosophers trying to track back the studies the origin of the soul and how the origin of the reality came to be, you know, like how did we end up here in this studio today, you know. It concerns the Big Bang theory, you know, wherer or not this reality is really happening in a real time and, you know, just there are so many different branches… Its assigns of questions, no answers. I think people get into metaphysics, go to universities to study it to like sit in groups together and talk about why we are here and actually, ends up… It starts with like, you know, talking into philosophy but it kind of leads more conversations about how do we become motivated about technology so we can find out what happened at the beginning by getting closer to the end… Space really… Space travel getting closer… To seeing what’s out there and beyond” – Lana Del Rey for Megan And Menace Mornings.


Living in the Astral World

At the moment we first see Lana Del Rey on the video, she has reached out hands and the Earth Globe is rounding above it. It’s common in astral magic to reach out hands and visualize an sphere, it’s a technic which can be used for many purposes at cure and astral creation. The New Age is the moment that we begin to feel the astral world rather than only the physics.

Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life album trailer 063

One thing that at first caught our attention was the fact that Lana seems to be a phantom on the video. The astral is invisible and untouchable. She seems to be transparent on the video, in other words, only her soul, out of her body that habits the physical world. This attributed only to people raised to the 5th dimension of consciousness¹, they may not inhabit their own bodies if they will. There is no space and time in this dimension, this explains the floating things on the video.


Symbolism of the Objects, the H of Hollywood Sign and the Tuesdays

Besides the strawberry and its symbolical meaning, we have many other symbols on the scene. The stairs may be the ascension to a new dimension, a New Age. The chalice, the union between the male and female. The hourglass would be the symbol of time. The dust is all on the bottom, in other words, the time for something is over. Would it be the time of very hard times like we were in and now we are free to dip in the New Era of pure light? Perhaps Lana is trying to tell us that this is literally the time of transition, what take us to the H of Hollywood Sign mystery.

Among the letters on the Hollywood Sign, Lana choose the H and she pointed it out on the monologue of the trailer when she said “Luckily for me, I live right inside the middle of the H of the Hollywood Sign”, it couldn’t be coincidence.

Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life album trailer 039

On September 16th 1932, the actress Peg Entwistle climbed the H of the Hollywood Sign and threw herself down there. Entwistle was obsessed for fame, the fame she only reached after her suicide. Lana Del Rey confessed to be very obsessed by fame at the beginning of her career. The difference is Lana did it. Use as a symbol of ascension (stairs) the same place that Peg Entwistle used to the fall (suicide) shows us gratitude and love for life.

Still talking about the H, it’s a very meaningful letter. Two stems linked by a bar. Symbolically, it’s said that the H is a bridge between two worlds, where we can cross between the physical world to the astral. Its equivalent on the Kabbalah is the Hebrew letter Hei (ה), which meaning is the energy of communication (telephone), speaking, window of wisdom crown and window of coronation. It’s the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, what is curious because 5 is the number of Mars, and this leads us to another mystery of Lust for Life. In the part “I love to dip my toe into the muck and the mires of the city every now and then – especially on Tuesdays”. Tuesday is the day of Mars. Mars is the planet of strength and action and Tuesday, thanks to that, is the stronger day of the week. Why does Lana love to fall down of a higher world to the chaotic physical world precisely on Tuesdays? It is the only day of the week when she would have the strength to deal with this world not feeling completely displaced, this day gives her the necessary force for her to express her Love she wishes to her fans.


The Saturn Seal

When Lana looks out of the window, we see a grid in the shape of something we call “The Saturn Seal”.

17741181_10207822037180961_1718843522_n  saturn seal

Saturn is the conductor planet of the New Era, which is the Era of Aquarius (zodiac sign conducted by Saturn as well). In its numerological square ², the number 5 is right in the middle, corresponding the letter Hei (ה), which can be found at the same place on its Hebrew square.

saturn square

This all links the H to the Tuesdays and Saturn. The Saturn Seal invocates the virtues of Saturn: prudence, the advice gift and silence. It is an Era of reflection and mutual help.


Our Leader in this Moment of Transition

Lana mentions to ask herself about what her contribution to the world in these dark times. The transition between two Eras is considered a period totally disturbed and dark, because our bodies are not ready to a quantum shift, what is something that happens each 13 thousand years ³.

After all this time talking and singing in tons of blue, Lana Del Rey seems to finally have found peace and love. “You (the fans) and the music are my love, my life, my Lust for Life”, she says in the monologue. She seems to have, at long last, found the pleasure of life through the wisdom (blackboard) she can teach her fans.


Why “kids”?

There are spiritual leaders at the astral world and people who can communicate with them. These leaders use to call kids or children those who they use to guide. When someone rises to a higher dimension, they match their leaders level and begin to be treated as an equal. If Lana is really raised, she can guide her fans at the physical world. And she seems to intend to do that.


Musical Background Atmosphere

The musical background of the video aroused our curiosity because of its dark atmosphere. There is an ancient musical scale named Solfeggio. During a long time, spiritual musicians studied this scale by believing there was something spiritual in it and there really was. The Solfeggio Frequencies are capable of repairing completely the human DNA and healing. The frequency choose by Lana was 528 hz, the one responsible for transformation and miracle.

Solfeggio Frequency 528 hz. Listen to the musical backgroung on Lust For Life and compare both.

There is a theory around the Internet in which is said that the only way to raise the Earth to a new dimension is the collective consciousness, what only can be reached through the music composed based on the Solfeggio Scale. Thus, we can conclude that Lana is trying to heal the Earth through her music, what is her contribution to this world.


Below, some explanations based on Metaphysics and Spirit Science

¹ There are twelve dimensions of consciousness, according to Metaphysics. Our planet is transiting from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, though it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to raise the consciousness to a even higher dimension.

A quick explanation about the twelve dimensions:

1st dimension: Mineral Kingdom, the formation of the elements
2nd dimension: Plants and insects, primitive instincts
3rd dimension: Physical and rational world, Animal Kingdom, human kind
4th dimension: Astral and emotional world
5th dimension: Spiritu and Oneness
6th dimension: Child Christ Consciousness
7th dimension: Christ Consciousness adult
8th and 9th dimensions: Total Cosmic Consciousness
10th dimension: Illumination
11th dimension: Galactic Level of Consciousness
12th dimension: Golden Ray of Universal Consciousness

² Numerological Square is the set of numbers disposed in a diagram so that the amount of the digits, both horizontally and vertically, is the same.

³ Each 13 thousand years Earth transits from one Era to another one. Thirteen thousand years ago, there was a perfect civilization, with a high level of consciousness. After a series of chaotic events, this civilization was lost. It was called Atlantis and it sank into the ocean after a flood caused by a fall of consciousness. Therefore, the Earth collective consciousness was affected and we couldn’t recover it even in the present days. Among a thousand people who survived the fall of Atlantis, was Thoth, the king who founded Egypt, civilization from which all of us are descendants. Since so, we had 13 thousand years to recover our collective consciousness, we’ve been through a very dark Era and then, finally, we are free to experience a brand New Era, enlightened as Atlantis.


Text and translation by Leticia Oliveira
Collaboration Ellen Franco Papalardo, Raphaella Paiva and Rebeca Capelato

Leticia Oliveira
Jornalista, amante das Ciências Espirituais e do Movimento New Age, taróloga e poeta de araque. Lana Del Rey mudou sua percepção musical em 2012, jamais esperava ouvir algo que não fosse Metal Sinfônico, New Age ou alguma música da época de seus bisavós. Era muito gótica mas sempre acreditou que a Nova Era pudesse ser a cura da consciência coletiva. E está acontecendo. Procura espalhar Amor pelo mundo.
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  • Elliott Oberst

    A word of warning: Don’t get into this Christ Consciousness New Age teachings garbage that she mentions at the end. This is all very real and Lana is in fact astral projecting in her video because she is a witch and has been in all her albums and since she joined that metaphysics cult which she talked about in an interview with Grazia magazine (Ultraviolence Is This Happiness – Witch Hazel, Witch Hazel; Yayo: I like SNAKE on your tattoo I like the IVY and the ink BLUE// blue ivy meaning lucifer’s daughter in latin). The astral plane is a very real spiritual realm and it is one of the many parts of hell. All true satanists astral project so I think it’s time you stop trying to raise your “christ consciousness” and just try and get closer to christ.