HIGHLIGHT ADDICTION | Exclusive interview with Cole Stroud, the model from ‘Music To Watch Boys To’

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Cole Stroud

LDRA Exclusive Interview: Cole Stroud talks about ‘Music To Watch Boys To’ clip, how it was working with Lana Del Rey and comments on the neck tattoo ‘West Coast,’ tattooed on his friend Austin Kellogg.


Lana Del Rey - Music To Watch Boys To 475We noticed in a scene a tattoo in Austin’s nape written West Coast. Is it real or it was made specially for the video?
Austin has a handful of tattoos and no it was real and he’s had it for years.

What is the story behind it? Is it related to the West Coast video?
That’s a question for Austin. He didn’t get it for Lana at all. No relation.

Did you know Lana’s work before being hired to act in the video?
Of course I knew about Lana and her music before I was booked for her video.

What was your first impression of her when you saw her?
I was completely shocked because Austin is the one who got me booked on the job since he was the featured model in the video. When I pulled up and saw Lana I was mind blown because I had no idea whose video I was going to be in.

Lana Del Rey - Music To Watch Boys To 435Did you and the other models talk with lana in the set? If so, did you talk about something besides the video?
It was one of the worst weather days in LA. It was cold and rainy and miserable but we all were just chit chatting with one another on set. Our main goal was to get whatever we needed shot and to take off. No one in the crew was expecting the bad weather like we had so we had to just go with the flow.

How it was to work with Lana? Did you and the other models got asked directly by her?
No one I believe got asked directly through her. Austin and Jake got chosen through their agencies and I got hooked up through Austin, Lana’s manager liked my look and decided to book me.

Did you know about the concept of the video or something was kept in secret?
I had no idea when the video was coming out nor did I know how they were going to cut in together. Everything was a surprise to me just like everyone else.

Lana Del Rey - Music To Watch Boys To 655You are extremely connected to the world of fashion. Is Lana often mentioned in this world? Is she often an influence?
I’m not too extremely connected I just have a good sense of fashion. I couldn’t honestly tell you whether or not Lana is an influence in the fashion world. I know she is an influence to many people in other ways but I’m sure there are fans out there that get influenced by her sense of style.

What do you think of Brazil? Have you ever visited it, or would you?
I love Brazil! Seems to me like most of Lana’s fans that have found me on social media have mostly been from Brazil. I have never been but I definitely want to come visit one day! Everyone there seems so nice and loving.


By Carol P. Carrasco, Mateus Santana and Raphaella Paiva


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Thank you for the attention and disponibility, Cole! We wish you a lot of success (and we hope to see you in more Lana videos)

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